WEPP Web Interface

The Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) is a computer simulation that predicts soil erosion. The WEPP erosion model is applicable at the  field scale using  input from the following areas:

Climate Includes rainfall amounts, intensity, temperature.
Management What management practices are done on the field including crops grown and soil disturbance operations.
Soil Soil properties
Topography Slope description including length, steepness of different sections, width, orientation

To begin using the WEPP model click on one of the links below.
Basic Hillslope Profile Run a single landuse, single soil WEPP hillslope simulation
Hillslope with Filter Strip at Bottom Add a different landuse area at the bottom of a hillslope
Strip Cropping Use alternating crops down a hillslope
Worksheet  Run multiple simulations to see effects of landuse changes.
WEPP GIS 2011 Run a WEPP watershed simulation using Google Maps.

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