WEPP Simulation

To setup a WEPP simulation select the inputs from the area on the left. The slope length and width are applied to the general slope shape selected. Click on the Calculate Soil Loss button to run the WEPP model. When the simulation is complete this area will contain a brief summary of the results. The soil loss graph displayed shows the soil loss along the slope profile. To view more detailed outputs from the model click on the links for graphics and the main WEPP output file at the bottom of the results page.

Additional WEPP Tools

Filter Strip (using WEPP Hillslope) 
    Places a variable length buffer strip at the bottom of the hillslope. Runs can be made with or without the buffer strip in place.

Strip Cropping (using WEPP Hillslope)
Alternating sections of crops on a hillslope. Runs can be made varying the type, size and number of strips present on the hillslope.