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NSERL WEPP Online GIS  2013

September, 2013

This interface allows the WEPP watershed model to be set up and run using a web browser. The simulations are run on servers at the NSERL and model results displayed in Google Maps. Model output includes spatial soil loss and runoff for small watersheds.

The current verison of the interface uses OpenLayers, MapServer and Google images to provide a seamless approach to defining a watershed for simulation with WEPP. The following are spatial soil loss and sediment yield from a WEPP simulation.

Flowpath Erosion Representative Hillslope
WEPP Flowpath Erosion Results - Red indicates soil loss above T value. WEPP Representative Hillslope Sediment Yield - Red indicates subcatchments with more sediment being delivered to channels.

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This allows a WEPP watershed simulation to be setup from digital elevation 30m (DEM) data. Landuse and soil data may also be used. The WEPP watershed channels are determined using TOPAZ (Topographic Parameterization Software). Using the DEM data the representative hillslopes and channel topography are determined for a WEPP simulation.

The user first selects the area of interest and then selects a watershed outlet point. From this information the watershed boundary and hillslope areas are determined.

This version is an update to the original Mapserver version. The following are the new features:


Disclaimer: All Information, computer software, and databases contained on the accompanying web pages are for evaluation only and are not fully tested. 



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