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NSERL WEPP Online GIS  2013

September, 2013

This interface allows the WEPP watershed model to be set up and run using a web browser. The simulations are run on servers at the NSERL and model results displayed in Google Maps. Model output includes spatial soil loss and runoff for small watersheds.

The WEPP online GIS interface uses OpenLayers, MapServer and Google images to provide a seamless approach to defining a watershed for simulation with WEPP.

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Previous 2004 WEPP Online GIS

The first version of the WEPP online GIS interface, in 2004, used MapServer as the user interface and was defined separately for each state. The 2004 version is described in the paper Web-based GIS Application of the WEPP Model and is still available online at: http://milford.nserl.purdue.edu/wepp/gis2.php

Disclaimer: All Information, computer software, and databases contained on the accompanying web pages are for evaluation only and are not fully tested. 

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